Instructions To Connect An Xbox To A PC With Vista OS

Vista Help Information

Windows Vista Help Information

Microsoft Corporation is involved in the development and licensing of various software products and devices. Xbox is their venture into gaming and gaming console products. The software maker provides the users the impressive ability to stream photos, videos and music to your Xbox 360. Another great thing is that you can use a PC with Windows Vista operating system in conjunction with your favorite gaming console i.e. Xbox 360. Using the gaming console, you can create and use customized music, when you are playing Xbox 360 video games. It is possible for you to view your photo collection and movies on your 360 console. This Windows Vista help article will help you out with the connection process. Here is how you can connect Xbox to a PC running on Vista OS:

Windows Vista help instructions:

  • First, you need to download Windows Media Player 11.
  • Then, you need to double click on the ‘File’ icon and then, follow the onscreen prompts to install Windows Media Player 11.
  • When it is completely installed, you may build your library of music by clicking ‘Library’. You can add images, videos and music files to the library using ‘Add to Library’.
  • You need to make sure that your Xbox 360 is connected to your home network. This can be done by going to ‘My Xbox’ and then, selecting ‘System Settings’. Then, you need to choose ‘Network Settings’ and then, click on ‘Configure Network’. This can be done while you are waiting for the library to be done.

    Vista Help Instructions

    Windows Vista Help Instructions

  • You should see the information populate automatically on the ‘Configure Network’ screen, especially if you are using a wired connection. In case you are using a wireless connection, you need to select the appropriate network from the ‘Configure Network’ screen and then, you can enter the Wi-Fi password to utilize the wireless connection.
  • After that, you need to click on ‘Library’ in Windows Media Player 11 and then, select ‘Media Sharing’. When you see a window appearing, you can make sure that ‘Share my Media’ has an ‘X’ located in the box next to it. After that, you need to click on ‘OK’. On the next screen, you need to ensure that there is an ‘X’ next to your Xbox 360 in the available devices.
  • Go to ‘My Xbox’ and then, ‘Music Library’, ‘Picture Library’ or ‘Video Library’ on your Xbox 360. After that, you need to choose your network connection from the ‘Select Source’ screen.

This way, you can connect Xbox with your Vista OS computer.

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Using An Xbox Controller To Play Games In Windows Vista

Windows Vista Help

           Windows Vista Games

If you have ever though that the thought of connecting an Xbox controller to a Windows computer was lame; here is something at odds to your thoughts. Read on to get some Windows Vista help tips to connect the Xbox-controller to the computer.


  • First, you need to download the software for the Xbox-controller. In case you do not have the installation CD or program, you can still download it from the internet and install it in the computer.
  • As the next step, you need to Install the software. In case you have the Installation Disk, insert it into the computer and install it by following the installation wizard. If you choose to Download it from the official website, continue with the rest of the steps to install the controller software. You need to make sure that the Xbox-controller is not connected to the system before the installation completes.
  • After installing the software, Turn Off the computer, the time to connect the controller has not come yet, so make sure it is not connected. Make sure that the system is shut down completely.
  • Now Connect the controller to the computer into its relevant port. You need to look for the Usb ports behind the computer, since this is where you are going to insert the USB jack of the controller into the computer. Make sure that the connection is proper.

    Xbox Controller

                     Windows Vista Support

  • Turn On the computer. Now you need to check if the controller is connected properly or not. Open the Control Panel and check if you are able to see the game controller icon in the Control Panel window.
  • Now conduct a Test for the connection of the controller. Click on the Start button and then click on Run, this opens the Run window. In the space provided to type, enter Joy.Cpl and hit Enter.
  • Utilize the Device Calibration Wizard. In case the connection is right, upon Moving The Arrows or Clicking on the Control Icon, you will get a Prompt Message. To see if the controller is functional, click on Apply.
  • If you are comfortable with the settings, click on Ok twice to go ahead with the same setting. If you need to make changes, you can Reset the settings according to your needs.

With these Windows Vista help tips, you will now be able to play with Xbox controller on a Windows Vista computer.

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Tips For Bookmarking An Article In Windows Vista Help And Support Center

Windows Vista Help

      Help For Windows Vista

Windows Vista operating system features a Help and Support Center that is linked to the Microsoft Windows Help Website. You can easily bookmark an article in the Windows Vista Help and Support center, if you know the correct steps to be followed. Moreover, you can also save the URL address of the article, or print it after opening the web page. Now, take a look at the methods given by the Microsoft support team to bookmark an article in the Help and Support center page of Windows Vista.


  • First, you need to locate the article that you need to refer.
  •  After finding the article, you need to right click the body of the article and select the option called View Source.
  • Now a Notepad will be opened in your computer that contains the original HTML source code associated with the specific article.
  • After that, try to find out the 36- character ID number corresponding to that article. It generally looks like mshelp://windows/?id=.
  • Highlight that text and copy it to the Windows clipboard by pressing the keys labeled Ctrl+C.
  • Now, open the browser that you have installed in your computer and once it is opened, navigate to the website named Along with this address, enter the article’s 36-character ID number followed by .mspx in to the address bar of your browser.

    Support Tastatur

         Windows Vista Tips

  • Now, the article in the Help and support center will be opened in your browser. Here, you will notice some formatting differences between the web page and the help and support center article since Microsoft uses nonstandard formatting on its Web page. This will also depend upon the type of browser that you use. The only difference that you see will be in the appearance but the contents will be the same.

Now continue using the website just like you would use a normal website. For e.g. you have the options to bookmark the page or article, copying the URL address and including it in the email message, opening a new tab within the web page or help article  and you can also create a shortcut by dragging the article on your computer desktop.

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Connecting The Xbox One Service To Vista

Windows Vista Help

            Windows Vista Networking

If you use a router to carry a network at home, there is a chance you can connect your Xbox 360 gaming console to the computer. Actually, Xbox 360 device can be connected to your Vista computer, and used to access the files on it, due to the wireless networking support. Here are the Windows Vista help guidelines connecting your console to the computer.

Setting up the connection

  • Connect to the home network on your Xbox. Switch on the Xbox device, search for and find the network. Enter the correct password, and connect to the network. If your network connection is wired, then wire up the Xbox to the router.
  • Set the type of device for your Xbox as Windows Media Center Extender. Launch Windows Media Center on the computer, and go to the Tasks menu. From here, select the Add Extender option, and then hit Next.
  • On the Xbox device, navigate to the My Xbox menu, and choose the Windows Media Center option. At this point, you will see an eight-digit Extender Setup key.
  • Note down this key and type this in your Vista computer. Hit Next when done, and follow the rest of the prompts you see.
Wireless Networking

            Windows Vista Streaming

This will have your Xbox 360 connected to your Windows Vista PC over the home network. You will be able to access media on the latter using the My Xbox menu. For this, navigate to Apps from the Xbox console, and choose My Apps. When you see the Windows Media Center option, select this.

The procedure given above only works if this is the first computer you are connecting the Xbox to. Otherwise, you will have to remove any previous connection in the console first. Here is how.

Removing previous connections from the computer

  • Go to Windows Media Center.
  • Go to Tasks, and select Settings.
  • Select the following in order: Extender > Xbox 360 Media Center Extender > Uninstall. Then hit Next.

Removing previous connections from Xbox 360

  • Hit the Guide button on the Xbox controller, and then access Settings. Choose the System Settings option.
  • Select the following in sequence: Computers > Windows Media Center > Disconnect.
  • When done, hit the B button on the Xbox controller to move back to the Dashboard.

That was some information on connecting your Xbox 360 console to Windows Vista computer on a home network. For similar Windows Vista help instructions, call our tech support number at any time.

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Windows Vista Was More Popular Than Windows 8 Is


        Windows Vista Problems

You’d get no sensible argument if you said that Windows Vista and Windows 8 are the least liked operating systems Microsoft ever came up with. And in the former’s case, that’s putting it lightly. Vista wasn’t really hated as much, and Microsoft’s presumption in that case was bearable.

NetMarketShare’s statistics, as of September 2014, show that Windows 7 leads in popularity, with more than half of the world’s population using it on their computers currently. It is closely followed by the exemplary Windows XP, which holds a global user share of 23.89 per cent.

Meanwhile, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Vista collectively comprise the rest of the operating systems installed in computers around the world, with the remaining Windows 2000 and Windows NT contributing a meager 0.09 per cent. The latest two, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, have a stand at 13.37 per cent as of this month, while Vista has just 3.02 per cent to its name.

Windows Vista was released in 2007, and at the time, there was a wider spread of Windows OS PCs. Comparing that with the same point in Windows 8′s maturing cycle, the older OS clearly did better indeed. This is despite numerous problems people still seek Windows Vista help services for.


  Windows Vista Support

What now comes to light are smaller problems that Microsoft is facing, including the one that Windows 7 continues to overshadow every operating system they release. We’ve seen Windows 7′s growth come to a halt at 51.2 per cent. This development in August 2104, is the first of its kind in the operating system’s track record. But don’t expect to see that or even the unpopularity of Windows Vista help Microsoft.

Windows XP is also hanging on, in the face of the exodus to supported and “safer” operating system alternatives. But, the fact that it’s still second in popularity does not bode well for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, which will be crushed when Windows 9 releases.

What we know about Windows 9, or Threshold, is that it will bring back the Start menu to Windows computing. Scrapping this was the major reason that Windows 8 was, and continues to be, so widely panned. It favored a touch friendly UI, at the cost of appeasing the traditional desktop crowd. Windows 9 is expected to combine many of these new features with the well-known Windows interface.

Read our latest posts for more on Windows operating systems and latest releases.

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