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How To Fix A Slow Running Windows Vista?

Microsoft Windows Vista support

Windows Vista Problems

A slow running computer is a headache for most users. With certain operating systems like Windows Vista, a PC can become slow quite easily. But you need not remain content with your slow PC. There are a few steps that you can work out to boost your PC performance. In addition to the slowness of the PC, Vista users often see that their PC restarting automatically. If either of these issues is annoying you frequently, here is what you can do to avoid the problem.

Automatic Restart

First of all, let’s see how to get rid of the automatic restarting issue. Certain system changes in Windows Vista will make it restart automatically. You can disable this and have peace of mind while using your computer.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Choose Advanced System Settings from the Control Panel screen and locate the option that says Turn Off Automatic Restart.
  • After that, click the OK button to save the changes. You have successfully resolved the automatic restart issue on Windows Vista.

Slow Running Vista

According to Microsoft Windows Vista support, there are numerous reasons for a slow running Windows Vista, the most common one being virus infection. If you suspect that there is a virus in your Vista PC, download and install a reputed antivirus program and run a full scan. This will help you identify all the malicious viruses in your computer and remove them effectively.

Registry cleaner to fix slow Windows Vista

changes in Windows Vista

Slow Running Windows Vista

Corrupt values in the Windows Registry are another common reason for slow Windows Vista. By running a reputed Windows Registry tool, you can remove the corrupt registry values and make your Vista run faster. Make sure that you get the Registry cleaner application from any of the reputed software developers. There are several fake Windows Registry applications that do more harm than good. After downloading the Registry cleaner application, install it on your PC as per the directions. Once the installation is complete, run it. Let it scan your entire Windows Registry for errors. You may have to wait for a few minutes until Windows Registry cleaner completes the scanning.

After the scanning is completed, the registry cleaner would display a list of errors that need to be fixed. Follow the on-screen directions to fix the errors and return your Vista to function normally. If you have any further questions, get in touch with Microsoft Windows Vista support.

How to Find the Product Number for Installed Software

Windows support number

Windows Registration Key

You will need to provide correct product or registration key in order to install software on your computer. In case you lose the product key, the only option before you is to obtain a new one. For this, all you need to do is dial the Windows support number and get in touch with Microsoft support team. Microsoft requires a set of validation procedures that include reading product information from the installation CD or you need to provide other details from the packaging that the Microsoft product came in. You may also be prompted to enter the details of the registration of the software. When you provide the details correctly, Microsoft will provide you with a product key. Given below are some of the software that will prove more than helpful in recovering Windows product keys.


The WinGuggle software can be downloaded for free and is available as a zip file. You need to save the file and unzip it. The program is designed to run only on Windows operating system and Office programs. You need to save the file to your computer and then run it. Click on the tab that is labeled by “Product Key” in order to view the product keys for Windows 7 operating system and Windows Office software. You can also use an option available for copying the product key. It is recommended that you use this option when you are on with the installation process for avoiding any error while entering the key.

Windows Product Key Finder Professional

This free software is designed specifically for Windows operating system. The current version is not compatible with Windows Office 2010. After you

Windows support number

Windows Registration Key

download this software, you don’t have to install this program on your computer for getting the product key. You just need to run the program and the product key will automatically be displayed on your computer screen for any installed Windows software on your computer. You need to save the product key as “.txt” file so that you can easily access it for future reference.

Product Key Explorer

Though you can use the free trial version of the Product Key Explorer software but, it will not provide you with the entire product key. However, almost every version of Windows products is covered in the Product Key Explorer software and you can recover product keys of about 3000 products with this software.

For further information on this, please get in touch with Microsoft technicians via Windows support number.

What You Need to do to Find My Windows XP Serial Number

Windows Support Number, Serial Number

Dial Windows Support Number

The Windows XP serial number also sometimes referred to as the “product key” consists of a combination of 25 numbers as well as letters. You need the serial number to reinstall XP. This is owing to the fact that Microsoft wishes to prove that your operating system software happens to be a genuine version and not a fake copy. Numerous ways have been devised to locate the serial number for your software. It will be possible for you to order a replacement product key if you are not able to locate it making use of alternative methods. Instructions to Find My Windows Serial XP Serial Number are given below. Follow them carefully and you will not be required of you to dial the Windows Support number.


  1. Start off with these instructions by looking for a Windows sticker behind your desktop tower or beneath your laptop if it was provided with the Windows XP operating system already installed. This sticker is provided with various bits of information which includes the serial number.
  2. Following which, you need to check the manual which was provided with the Windows XP software. Microsoft places a sticker inside the front or rear cover which already has the serial number on it.
  3. It is then required that you flip over the CD case which was provided with the XP software. You may see a sticker behind the case which has the serial number on it.
  4. After that, call Microsoft Customer Support if you continue to face trouble locating the serial number. A representative may be Windows Support Number, Serial Numberreached at 800-642-7676. You will be given the new serial number over the phone. Treat this as a last resort. This is because this service has been changed. Ever since June 2010, the change for the replacement code happens to be just $10.

That brings us to the end of the instructions to find My Windows XP Serial Number. If you are still not able to find My Windows XP Serial number, feel free to dial the Windows Support number. You may also contact the Windows support center for further assistance.

I hope this article has been of assistance to you. Thank you for reading!

Sony MP3 Player with Windows 98

Windows support number, Sony Mp3 Player

Windows 98 and Sony player

The Sony Walkman MP3 player has high-quality audio and video playback and a long-lasting battery, which allows up to 30 hours of music playback and four hours of video playback. The Sony Walkman MP3 player is available in a variety of size capacities, from 512 MB to 32 GB. If you are using old Windows 98 operating system (still?), you can make the Sony Walkman MP3 player work with the operating system. the user must download and install the required software drivers from the Sony Website.

Instructions by the Windows support number executives

To make a Sony MP3 Player work with Windows 98, follow the below given steps to set up the player working. The steps are simple and easy to follow; the steps are as follows:

•    Locate the series and model number of the Walkman MP3 player.
•    The series and model number will be written on the back of the MP3 player, underneath the USB port or under the battery cover of the Walkman MP3 player.
•    Visit the Sony eSupport Website.
•    Use the Get Model Specific Support feature to find the specific software drivers required for the Walkman MP3 player series and model that you have.
•    Select MP3 Walkman from the drop-down list labeled Product under Option 2.
•    Select It section of the Sony eSupport Website.
•    Click the Continue button.
•    Type the model number of the Walkman MP3 player into the text field labeled Model under the Option 1 Type It section of the

Windows support number, Sony Mp3 Player

Windows 98 and Sony player

Walkman MP3 player support Website
•    Click the Continue button.
•    Download the necessary drivers using the links provided on the Drivers and Software page.
•    Open the drivers and install them automatically using the Windows 98 installation wizard.
•    Restart the computer after the installation has been completed.
•    Plug the Walkman MP3 player into the USB port on the computer.
•    The Walkman MP3 player should now be recognized and ready to use in Windows 98.
These steps will make a Sony MP3 Player work with a Windows 98 operating system. If the users find any difficulty in making the MP3 player working, they must contact the Windows support number executives with their troubles. They will guide the users through the appropriate steps for fixing the issue.

Support to edit Windows Media Video Properties

Windows Support Number

edit Windows Media Video Properties

Windows Media Player is an amazing way for storing and enjoying music, pictures, recorded TV and videos. It is abbreviated as WMP and is developed by Microsoft firm. Windows Media Player also has several other properties and features in it. For instance, you can import different sets of information about the audio and video files from the internet, if there are any. You can import details like, title, year of release, artist, track number etc.

Users of Windows Media Player can also edit the WMV properties in their Windows PCs by clicking the appropriate icons in their file library, one at a time, or several at once. Before you begin, you may want to update your Windows Media Player to the latest version. This is required to make all the new features in the new version of Windows Media Player available to you. Also upgrading to the latest version also removes the bugs in the earlier version, bringing the new and good to you!

Here’s how the Windows support team asks you to edit the Windows Media Video properties yourself without calling the Windows Support Number.

Instructions to edit the Windows Media Video Properties

  • Launch Windows Media Player on your Windows computer and locate the videos whose properties you to edit.
  • To reveal a list of options, Right-click your video. Hold down the “SHIFT” button on your keyboard for several video files in consecutive order.
  • Click on all the desired files you want to edit. Hold down the “CTRL” key on your keyboard before selecting each video for editing several videos not in consecutive order.

    Windows support number

    edit Windows Media Video Properties

  • After right-clicking your files, Choose the “Edit” option.
  • Navigate to the property column to edit title, Track etc. and you can type there your desired properties.
  • Just click one of the other main tabs at the top of the screen Library, Rip, etc. To update your library immediately.

That’s it. That’s all what you have to do to edit the Windows Media Video properties. You don’t need to dial the Windows support number for carrying out this task; it can be all done with these simple steps. Thank you for your valuable time, take care and have a great day ahead! Adios!

Tutorial for starting your Dell Inspiron in Safe Mode

Windows support number

Dell Inspiron in safe mode

The Dell Insipron is a popular line of laptop computers used by millions of people around the globe. It comes preinstalled with lots of useful utilities for the purpose of maintaining your laptop and operating system in top notch condition. Other than this, Windows operating system also has a Safe Mode feature, which is basically a troubleshooting environment for resolving problems faced in your operating system. At any point of time, you can restart your Dell Inspiron laptop for resolving boot problems, driver errors and to remove malware infections. The process of doing so varies depending upon the kind of operating system (Windows XP, Vista or 7) installed in your laptop. In this article, you can find step by step instructions for starting your Dell Inspiron in safe mode without dialing the Windows support number.

Tech support instructions

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to start your Dell Inspiron in safe mode. Make sure to follow all the instructions to ensure positive results.

  1. Start off with this procedure by restarting your computer. If incase you have installed more than one operating system in your computer, choose the one you want to access in Safe Mode from the boot selection menu.

    Windows support number

    Dell Inspiron in safe mode

  2. Continue with this procedure by pressing the “F8” button repeatedly before the Windows logo shows up. If your Dell Inspiron is running on Windows XP, the “Windows Advanced Options” menu will open up. This menu has been renamed to “Advanced Boot Options” in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  3. Depending upon how you want to use the Safe Mode, choose between the options “Safe Mode”, “Safe Mode with Networking”, and “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”.
  4. Finally, end this procedure by pressing the “Enter” key to restart your computer in Safe Mode. Show some patience while waiting for Windows to load.

Once you are in Safe Mode, you can do your troubleshooting stuff, and after that simply restart your computer to open it in normal mode.

That’s all with the instructions for starting your Dell Inspiron in Safe Mode. If incase you are having further trouble, you can always dial the Windows support number. Technicians at Microsoft will be happy to help.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Reinstalling XP when it fails to boot

Windows Support Number, product key

Locating complete

Every valid Windows XP installation out there requires a product key. The product key is also called the serial number and it is used in identifying your unique and authentic copy of Windows XP. Yet things can go horribly wrong. You feel like asking “How and when?” Well, the answer to that is precisely when you end up misplacing your serial number for your Windows XP installation. It is very likely that you will find yourself frustrated and helpless due to the very same reason.  You are asked the key during the installation process of Windows XP. Not only does it come handy during the initial installation but also when you require it to be reinstalled when faced with a recurring booting failure problem. There are several occasions where you might have to reinstall and reconfigure the Windows XP operating system. Cases where in you are faced with other debilitating computer problems may also come up where formatting your entire system is the only possible way to go ahead. Formatting causes the entire system data to be deleted. Thus, reinstalling all the software one by one requires the reinstallation of the operating system first. Rightly, so because it was also deleted during the process of formatting, reinstalling it is out of the question.

Now the location of the product key a.k.a serial number depends on whether the Windows operating system disk was purchased individually or was included within the purchased computer. Since today most of the purchased PCs have the original version of Windows XP preinstalled in it, this should be the way ahead. Regardless of the above complication, the following instructions will help to find the windows XP serial number to reinstall it. If the problem still persists then using the Windows support number is the only option left.


  • Find out or locate your Windows XP product packaging or the operating system label on your computer. This is likely where it is located. If your computer had Windows preinstalled, this sticker should be on the side of a desktop computer or the bottom
    Windows Support Number, product key

    Locating complete

    of a laptop computer.

  • Look at the back of the Windows XP product case for the serial number.
  • Look for the yellow or orange sticker here. The 25-digit code on this sticker is your product key. The sticker may be of a different color if it is a preinstalled system, but the code format undoubtedly the same.

If the above instructions don’t help, it’d be best if you contact the Microsoft via the Windows support number.

Track Number for Windows Media Player files

Windows support number, track number

Deleting track number

If you have noted, you might have seen that the Windows Media player audio files have irrelevant track numbers for them. Windows Media Player, maintains a list of these track numbers, by default. The list will contains the metadata information like the track number of the songs, genre, and album and so on.

If the track numbers are saved wrongly, then the indexing will not be correct. The wrong track number info can cause issues when deleting tracks from the audio file list. If the track number is wrong the chances of deleting wrong file is more.

Instructions for erasing the track numbers

The given instructions by the experts at the other end of the Windows support number will help the users in deleting the track numbers from Media Player files. Follow the instruction steps closely for deleting the track numbers.

ñ  From the Windows Media Player’s Library tab, locate the file that you want to remove track number information from.

ñ  To remove track number information from more than one file, hold the Shift key to select a concurrent list of files.

ñ  Alternately, hold the Control key and click one-by-one on the files.

ñ  Click the Edit option.

ñ  A series of parameters for the media are presented for editing.

ñ  If Track Number is not available for editing at first, you may need to click the Library’s Layout Options button.

ñ  Select Choose Columns.

ñ  Ensure a check mark is placed next to Track Number.

ñ  Delete any information in the Track Number box and press Enter to confirm the change.

ñ  The track’s metadata will now contain no Track Numberinformation.

Windows support number, track number

Deleting track number

ñ  If you are deleting track information for multiple items, open all items for editing.

ñ  Enter 0 into the Track Number box, hit Enter to set this value for all tracks.

ñ  Reopen the Edit window for all tracks.

ñ   Clear the box and hit Enter again to display blank track information for all selected tracks.

These steps recommended by the Windows support number experts will help the users in deleting the track numbers from Windows Media Player files. if you face any difficulty is carrying out the instructions, contact the support team experts.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

Activating Windows XP Home SP2

Windows Support Number, Service Pack 2

Activating Windows XP Home SP2

Microsoft offers Windows XP Home Edition for individuals looking for a basic user-friendly operating system on their computers. And as such, Service Pack 2 for the same OS provides a number of tweaks and security features in making the operational platform more secure and stable than either the base version of the OS or Service Pack 1.

Therefore, in getting on with this article, you can now proceed to installing Service Pack 2 on your computer without having to call on the Windows Support Number for assistance.

Simply follow the guide as given below.

Guide for Activating Windows XP Home SP2 without having to call on the Windows Support number

There are actually 2 ways in which you can go about performing the installation. Here is how:

Activating SP2 During Installation

To install SP2 along with Windows XP Home, first enter your product key and then choose to activate when given the option either to activate your copy as part of the installation process or to activate it later.

As for the type of activation, you wish to use, choose internet activation. The process will hardly take a minute or two following which your copy of Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2 will be activated.

Activating SP2 After Installation

The second method to installing SP2 on your computer is after successfully having configured it with Windows XP Home Edition. Make sure that you close all programs and applications that might still be up and running on your computer. This is to provide you with the maximum system performance in completing the task at hand.

Once you have done so, get on Windows “Start” menu then open the “All Programs” menu and select “Accessories” folder. Open the “System Tools” folder then select the option “Activate Windows“.

Now, in choosing your preferred mode of activation, you will be provided with the same options that were made available to you earlier while trying to install SP2 along with Windows XP Home Edition. You can either choose to activate over the internet or by phone.

Windows Support Number, Service Pack 2

Activate Windows XP Home SP2

Next up, wait for your copy of Windows XP to get activated if you choose online activation. Alternatively, call the Windows customer service number provided to you in case you choose to activate over the phone. In addition, you will need to provide the customer service representative with the activation code given to you by your operating system when asked for it.

Finally, click on “Ok” when the message appears telling you that your copy of Windows has been activated successfully.

This successfully completes our guide.

Instructions to Get a New Windows Restore Disk

windows support number, restore

windows support options

You may have invariably come across instances wherein it is required that you overwrite and restore your Windows operating system. It is required that you use a Windows Restore Disk. This disc has all the files which let Windows run on your computer. You need to burn the files on the disk into its memory. Your computer could be virus infected. However, these files will remain unaffected. Most computers are now provided with a Windows Restore Disk. However, manufactures are increasingly selling computers without having one included. It is then expected of you to locate or purchase a new one in order to have your system restored from a disk. Follow the instructions given below and you will be able to get a new Windows restore disk without dialing the Windows support number.


  1. Start off with these instructions by locating your Windows Product Key on your computer. It is provided as a label at the bottom of your laptop or in some cases behind your desktop. Jot this number down before you choose to contact anyone.
  2. Following which, you have to locate the customer service wheel. You also have to find the technical support number for the manufacturer of your computer. it is possible to obtain this information from the manufacturer’s website beneath the “contact US” heading. The contact number of the company is likely to be mentioned in the owner’s manual. Sometimes, computers choose to ship with a vendor-specific restore disk. It will be possible for you to get hold of a copy upon request.
  3. It is then required that you make a call to the manufacturer. Place a request for a new disk. You need to provide them with the
    windows support number, restore

    windows support options

    date as well as location from where you bought the computer. You have to inform them about the type of computer which is in your possession as well as details about its operating system. If they are able to provide you with this piece of information, give them your address so that they will be able to mail it you on a disk.

That will be all the Windows support you need in order to get hold of a new Windows restore disk. If these instructions fail in serving their desired purpose, you are advised to dial the Windows support number.