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How to Find the Product Number for Installed Software

You will need to provide correct product or registration key in order to install software on your computer. In case you lose the product key, the only option before you is to obtain a new one. For this, all you need to do is dial the Windows support number and get in touch with Microsoft […]

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What You Need to do to Find My Windows XP Serial Number

The Windows XP serial number also sometimes referred to as the “product key” consists of a combination of 25 numbers as well as letters. You need the serial number to reinstall XP. This is owing to the fact that Microsoft wishes to prove that your operating system software happens to be a genuine version and […]

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Sony MP3 Player with Windows 98

The Sony Walkman MP3 player has high-quality audio and video playback and a long-lasting battery, which allows up to 30 hours of music playback and four hours of video playback. The Sony Walkman MP3 player is available in a variety of size capacities, from 512 MB to 32 GB. If you are using old Windows […]

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Support to edit Windows Media Video Properties

Windows Media Player is an amazing way for storing and enjoying music, pictures, recorded TV and videos. It is abbreviated as WMP and is developed by Microsoft firm. Windows Media Player also has several other properties and features in it. For instance, you can import different sets of information about the audio and video files […]

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Tutorial for starting your Dell Inspiron in Safe Mode

The Dell Insipron is a popular line of laptop computers used by millions of people around the globe. It comes preinstalled with lots of useful utilities for the purpose of maintaining your laptop and operating system in top notch condition. Other than this, Windows operating system also has a Safe Mode feature, which is basically […]

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Reinstalling XP when it fails to boot

Every valid Windows XP installation out there requires a product key. The product key is also called the serial number and it is used in identifying your unique and authentic copy of Windows XP. Yet things can go horribly wrong. You feel like asking “How and when?” Well, the answer to that is precisely when […]

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Track Number for Windows Media Player files

If you have noted, you might have seen that the Windows Media player audio files have irrelevant track numbers for them. Windows Media Player, maintains a list of these track numbers, by default. The list will contains the metadata information like the track number of the songs, genre, and album and so on. If the […]

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Activating Windows XP Home SP2

Microsoft offers Windows XP Home Edition for individuals looking for a basic user-friendly operating system on their computers. And as such, Service Pack 2 for the same OS provides a number of tweaks and security features in making the operational platform more secure and stable than either the base version of the OS or Service […]

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Instructions to Get a New Windows Restore Disk

You may have invariably come across instances wherein it is required that you overwrite and restore your Windows operating system. It is required that you use a Windows Restore Disk. This disc has all the files which let Windows run on your computer. You need to burn the files on the disk into its memory. […]

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Determine a PCI device number without dialing the Windows support number

Most of the devices like sound cards, video cards and TV tuner cards come under the category of PCI devices that connect to available computer expansion slots. Each and every PCI device that is connected to your computer bears a device number which might be required to produce while visiting the website of the device […]

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