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Workspace Webmail helps users to send and receive emails easily. However, you can use any email client like Microsoft Outlook to access your email accounts. Following are the instructions provided by Windows Vista help & support center, to guide you on adding an email account to the Windows Vista Mail. You can consider the same steps to configure email accounts to other Windows Mail services as well.

Steps to follow

  • Launch Microsoft Mail and expand the Tools link. Click on Accounts from the resulting menu.
  • Select Internet Accounts link, and click Add in the following window.
  • Enter your full name in the Display Name box and click Next.
  • Move on to the Internet Email Address page, and provide your email address in the Email address section. Click Next to continue.
  • Opt for your server type in the Set up Email Servers section, and input the details of your Incoming POP or IMAP Server, as well as Outgoing SMTP Server. This information can be collected from your Internet Service Provider or Workspace Webmail.
  • Opt for My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication in the following page. Go to the Email Username and Password sections in the Internet Mail Log on tab, and enter your email address and password accurately. Click Next, and then Finish.
  • Navigate to Microsoft Mail once again, and open the Tools menu. Select Accounts, and opt for Internet Accounts.
  • Highlight the newly created account, and click Properties.
  • Go to the Advanced tab in the Properties window, and enter 25, 80, or 3535 in the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) box if you do not use SSL.

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  • Enter 465 to configure the account with SSL and click on the checkbox against This server requires a secure connection (SSL) option.
  • Move on to the Incoming mail area and input 143 for IMAP server without SSL or 993 for IMAP server with SSL.
  • If you opted for the POP Server, enter 110 to configure the account without SSL, or 995 if you want to use SSL. Also select This server requires a secure connection (SSL) link to configure the account with SSL.
  • Click OK to finish the setup.

The above simple steps will configure your email account with Windows Vista Mail. If you face any problems while customizing the settings, contact Windows Vista help center and get proper assistance on the matter.