Resetting Your Password In Windows Vista Operating System

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About Windows Vista OS

The User Account Control options in the Windows operating systems allows users to set different accounts and assign different privileges for these accounts. The Administrator would be the User Account with maximum privileges. If you have logged in as Administrator, you can make any changes in the system.

How to access the user account once you have forgotten the password

However, you might forget the password for your user account, and then you might have to use the Windows Vista help features to reset the password, to be able to log into the operating system. During the User Account setup process, you would be asked to select a verification question, along with an answer to it.

The Windows Vista user can use the Forgot My Password link right below the Username and Password fields. This will launch the User Account verification process. The user would be asked the same question that he selected during the User Account setup.

If the answer he enters matches with the one entered during the password creation, he would be able to log in and create a new password for the user account.

Using the guest account

If you are not the Administrator and if you have forgotten the password for your user account, you can contact the system administrator to help you with logging into the system. The Administrator would log into the system, and create a new password for the Guest Account. The Guest can then use this password to log in to the system.

Using the Password Reset disc

The User Account features in Windows Vista help the users to create a Password Reset disc. If you have created such a disc, you can see in this situation. However, if you do not have a Password Reset disc, there is no other way to reset the password.

Formatting the hard drive

Contact Windows Support

If all the above options are useless to you – for example, when you have forgotten both the username as well as password -, then you are left with the last resort of reinstalling the Windows Vista operating system. After inserting the Windows Vista disc, opt for a simple Windows Vista installation without formatting the hard drive that would leave the other drives undisturbed. This way, you will not lose any of the data.

If you have any doubts regarding the User Account Control features in Windows Vista, contact Windows Support online.