Using Remote Assistance In Windows Live Messenger

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Windows Live messenger is an instant messaging client from Microsoft. One of the greatest advantages of the program is that it allows the users to access desktops remotely. If there is a problem with your computer and one of your friends know how to fix it, you can make use of the remote desktop assistance feature in the Windows Live messenger program for fixing the issues. Here we discuss the simple steps from Windows Live support that you ought to take for getting remote assistance from your friend.


  • Open the Windows Live messenger program by double clicking on its desktop shortcut icon and then click on the Sign In button to enter in to the application.
  • Now choose the person from whom you would like to get Windows Live support, however the person must have a Windows Live id and must be online in the Live messenger program at the time that you ask for assistance. Highlight the selection by clicking on the name of the person.
  • Move the mouse pointer to the top of the Windows Live messenger application and then click on the Tools menu found there. Select the option named Ask For Remote Assistance from the drop down menu that appears.
  • When your friend asks for confirmation for accessing your desktop, confirm it by clicking on the Yes button. Now your friend has complete control over your computer, so give control to the person only if you trust the person.
  • You can click on the option named Stop Control found in the application window for ending the Windows Live support you are getting from your friend.

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  • If you are at the other end, that is the person who is providing support, then you will have to first click on the Accept button in the prompt given to you in the Remote assistance invitation box.
  • Now click on the button named Take Control found in the remote assistance window for helping your friend on fixing the errors found in his system. The Start button of your friend’s desktop will be the one that is shown just above the Start button in your computer.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to get Live support from your friends or the tech support personnel for fixing issues found in your computer.