Confusion Between Windows 8.1 RT And Windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1 RT update

As the Windows 8.1 RT update was rolled out of the Windows Store soon after its release last month, many users assume that the hardware of Microsoft’s Surface tablets is not up to the mark for the upgrade. Nonetheless, the flaws in Windows 8.1 RT are not limited to hardware incompatibility.

Windows 8.1 RT is actually a minor update of the previous operating platform running on Surface tablets, and performs mostly as the Windows 8.1 operating system for desktops. However, it is not possible to execute all the functions of Windows 8.1 operating system on a tablet PC running on Windows 8.1 RT. It cannot run all Windows applications as well. For instance, Windows 8.1 RT platform does not support image-editing applications like Photoshop or Corel Draw. It also does not allow users to install or use a third party web browser like Google Chrome instead of the default Internet Explorer application. Even Windows support for cloud services is limited in Windows 8.1 RT when compared to Windows 8.1.

Nevertheless, software developers at Microsoft highlight that Windows 8.1 RT and Windows 8.1 are two different platforms and thus work differently. Similar is the case with Apple’s iPad iOS platform and Mac’s OS X. Yet, as they are named differently, nobody weighs them in the same scale.

Microsoft clarified this confusion assuring that users can run all the Windows apps and services on the upgraded Surface Pro 2 tablet. According to Windows support center, the device is priced at $1300, which is almost twice the price of a Windows RT tablet.

Windows 8.1 operating system

Windows 8 modern interface

Though Microsoft is being criticized for the omission of the real Start button in the operating system, Windows support center asserts that there is no actual need of one in a Windows 8.1 RT device. Windows 8.1 RT update features a wide support for softwares and incorporates Microsoft Office in the pack. As the program comes pre-installed in Surface Pro 2, users do not have to bear any extra expenses for their favorite office tools, as they had to. The latest version of Microsoft Office works with SkyDrive, and allows users to access files or create documents on the go, which can be edited on a desktop later. It also includes the all-time favorite Outlook email client, to help users manage their email accounts in the Surface device.

As reports say that some users find it uncomfortable to roll back to an older Office version after landing on the refreshing Windows 8.1 RT interface, it is assumed that Microsoft would soon develop a modern-style set of office tools to avoid the confusion as well.