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Windows Vista is the successor of Windows XP.  It is the updated version of the Windows XP operating system. Microsoft launched the new operating system in 2007. It was intended for desktops and laptops. Microsoft claims that the Windows Vista operating system can be incorporated for tablet PCs too. After the release of Windows XP, it took around 5 years for the Microsoft to come up with the new operating system. Updates play an important role in the smooth functioning of any operating system. It applies to Windows Vista too. Here are the instructions to perform the update options of Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Help instructions

  • Load your system and then select the Start Menu button. Now you may click on the Control Panel option.
  • Locate  the “Check for Updates” option found in the “Security” category of the Control Panel. Click on the same, once you find it in the Control Panel. This will load a window on your system screen.
  • Select the “Check for Updates” option located on the left of your screen. Now the system will initiate the automatic download option for the updates for the Vista operating system.
  • Before you perform the installation of important updates, close all other programs that are running parallel with the update search.
  • The closing of all other programs is very important as it can interfere with the installation of updates in your system.
  • Now you may select the “Install Updates” option. The operating system will download the updates and perform the installation automatically.
  • Once the installation begins, its progress can be checked by looking into the indication bar.
  • Be patient and wait for the update procedures to complete. The updates are installed one by one and it  may take several minutes to complete the installation. Please do not cancel the installation.
  • When you have completed the installation, reboot your system. Rebooting your system is very important to save your modifications.

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The drawbacks related to Windows Vista

Even though Microsoft released the Vista operating system, many users still stick to the previous version. When compared to the Windows XP operating system, Vista was not 100% stable and it contained many bugs too. The operating system also had many security related loopholes that worked against itself. Windows Vista had compatibility issues with many applications too.

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