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The successor to the Windows XP operating system is the Windows Vista operating system. Released in early 2007, the features and functions in the Windows Vista proved to be exquisite. Sometimes users experience startup issues with the Windows Vista operating system. An important feature of the Windows Vista operating system that comes to the rescue of the users is the Windows Startup Repair in the operating system. This tool comes in handy for users who experience startup issues. By following the below provided Windows Vista help guidelines, the startup repair tool can be used without any difficulty.


  • Using the Windows Vista DVD, boot the system. The BIOS settings have to be set in such a manner to boot from the DVD. You have to go through the system manual to know how to access the BIOS.
  • A Press Any Key To Boot From CD Or DVD message will appear on screen now. Tap any key on the keyboard. Now using the DVD, Windows Vista will start to load.
  • The keyboard or input method, language, time, and currency format have to be provided. After choosing the required options, select the Repair Your Computer option. Now the dialogue box titled System Recovery Options will appear on the screen.
  • The Windows Vista installation option has to be chosen. If the drivers required for certain devices have to be loaded, choose the Load Drivers option and then click the Next button.
  • From the list of options, choose Startup Repair. Shortly, the automatic repair process will start. Reboot of the system may take place once or twice and you need not worry, as it is a normal procedure of the repair.
  • The system restore screen will appear. The System Restore option has to be chosen if you think that a software or application has caused the system to go haywire. If you do not think any software or applications have caused problems, choose the Cancel option.

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By following these Windows Vista help guidelines, the Windows startup repair tool can be used to fix the startup issues with your Windows Vista operating system. If you have any doubts with the guidelines or require more information about the Windows startup repair tool, you may contact the Microsoft tech support. You make also make use of our tech support feature for any further assistance.