Microsoft Finally Admits Failure With Windows 8

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Windows 8 Sales Lower Even Than Vista’s

It seems that even Microsoft employees have given up on Windows 8, reportedly taking to calling it the new Windows Vista. This is in reference to the failure that Windows Vista had experienced during its tenure. And it looks like the Windows 8 operating system has lifted the curse off Windows Vista and placed it on itself. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the very employees responsible for the development of Windows 8 have deemed it to be a disaster. When questioned whether it is appropriate to call Windows 8 the new Windows Vista, Paul Thurott said on twitter, “Call it what you want. That’s what they call it inside of Microsoft.”

These comments suggest that Microsoft have been exaggerating most about Windows 8 in its marketing campaigns and promotions. On a side note, the company has finally accepted their epic failure in the market, and has accepted that the sales of Windows 8 did not take off as quickly as the executives had planned. The sad reality is that Windows 8’s sales may still never break even. In fact the scenario is even worse off than people think. Windows 8 has still not been able to achieve the same level of sales as Windows Vista did at its time.

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 Windows Vista Reincarnated In Windows 8

Quite a few things can be attributed to the failure of the Windows 8 operating system. For starters, Windows 8 changes the entire interface, applications, programs and settings, and the operating system seems more useful on touch devices instead of regular PCs and laptops. Unfortunately for Microsoft, mobile operating systems have seen exponential growth in the past few years thanks to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. With stiff competition from the both, not only was the venture into these waters a bit too late, but they also weren’t able to deliver on even close to the same level.

In an attempt to rescue the plummeting sales of Windows 8, Microsoft had released an update for Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 OS. However, even this has failed in saving the Windows 8 operating system. The Windows Vista help and support team were bogged down by complaints during its release, and so were Windows 8.

Either way, with Windows Vista help or Windows 8 help seeing their worst days, it doesn’t seem so surprising that Microsoft employees themselves have termed Windows 8 as the new Windows Vista. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to produce a top-notch OS in coming months and avoid unpleasant visits to memory lane.