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I’m a graduate student and I own a computer running on Windows XP. One day, I decided to upgrade my operating system to Windows Vista, but I didn’t know the hardware requirement needed for running this operating system. However, with ample Windows Vista help, I was able to determine the hardware specification needed for the trouble-free working of Vista OS. Read on to know more about the same.

About Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the operating system released by Microsoft after Windows XP. To determine whether you computer will run Windows Vista, the software giant Microsoft has made two classifications. One is Vista Capable and the other is Vista Premium Ready. Now, let us look into the various hardware specifications needed for running Windows Vista in your computer.

Vista Capable

This kind of PCs should have a 512MB of RAM memory, a 20GB hard drive with a free space if 15GB, a minimum of 800Mhz CPU and a graphics card belonging to DirectX 9 class. Any computer having these system specifications will be compatible with all the versions of Windows Vista operating system smoothly. However, upgrading of your graphics hardware should be done in order to access some special features of the new Windows Aero user interface, glass effects, and transparencies offered by the Vista operating system. Although the CD-ROM version is available, it is advised to install a DVD-ROM drive on your Vista computer.

Vista Premium Ready

This kind of PCs should have a 40GB hard drive with at least a free space of 15GB, 1GB of RAM memory, a 1 GHz CPU and an Aero-compatible graphics card. This Aero-compatible graphics card should have an onboard memory of at least 128MB and should support the latest Windows Display Driver Model. All the computers having the above said specification will be able to run Vista OS and can enjoy the ‘high end’ features offered by the Vista operating system like window animations, transparencies etc.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

       Windows Vista Specifications

In order to know whether your machine supports Windows Vista or not, Microsoft provides an option in their website called Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, which will help a user to know whether their machine is compatible with Windows Vista. This utility program by Microsoft will run only in those computers equipped with either Windows Vista or Windows XP.

These are the hardware specifications needed for running a Windows Vista computer. To know more, you may contact the Windows Vista help center.